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Verilogic Solutions is a VLSI product development, training and consulting company. Verilogic expertises in different VLSI fields and domains such as Networking, bus processor modules, communication protocols and memories. Verilogic expert and experienced engineers are building next generation protocols which add value to products and solutions at the IP level and the SoC level.
Our holistic mission is to create a gateway for students and graduates to enter into the VLSI industry. Our domain specific trainings in VLSI front-end design and verification created by the industry experts are unique and industry oriented. The trainings ensure that the student or the graduate is expedited with all the required knowledge to secure a job in the VLSI industry. Along with job oriented trainings, Verilogic also conducts corporate trainings. Our corporate trainings are aptly designed to help and align engineers, who are looking at changing verticals within the VLSI domain.
Through these initiatives, the company aims at generating knowledgeable engineers who are highly driven and focused. Verilogic through its consultancy services focuses on creating a vibrant environment in the field of VLSI by providing quality engineering services and solutions to wide range of companies in the field of VLSI.
1. This institute is good platform for VLSI freshers. Flexible to student convenience.
- Dorababu
2. There is an individual observation on performance of each and every trainee, which boost our interest in the field.
- Vijaya
3. Best professional institute for the person who is passionate about VLSI.
- Giridhar
4. Best VLSI training institute which focuses on current industry expectations. Faculties who teach from the basics to advanced methodologies in all modules.
- Lokesh
5. Aims in providing industrial knowledge on verification and design. Training and labs run parallellywhich helps in understanding the concepts clearly.
- Banu
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 IP verification training: Starts on 02-01-2017
  SOC verification training: Starts on 16-01-2017
 Free workshop on assertion based IP verification: Starts on 07-01-2017
 RTL Design Engineer Experience :- 0-2 years
 Design Verification Engineer Experience :- 0-2 years
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