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For any organization recruitment can be very expensive and the amount of work involved would be exhaustive. When companies use placement consultant they are usually paying anywhere between 8.33% to 15% on the candidates salary this depending on the role ,nature of job , level of seniority, experience and most of all the skill sets. Companies tend to carry out the tedious process to advertise on multiple job boards, logins to database, sift through all CV's and interview them. But not anymore, as VERILOGIC has the solution for this. 
VERILOGIC provides you with prepaid fixed low cost recruitment solutions for any vacancy in VLSI sector and in any location across India.
Our experienced team's knowledge will deliver only the best candidates to the companies. We offer a low risk solution for all your vacancy needs. If you are a Startup, Small Medium Business or a large corporation, and wherever you are based within India. We have unique solutions that offer you a comprehensive choice to provide the service suited to your needs.
These options are completely customized depending on the level of our involvement in your hiring process. Our solutions are highly professional & Cost effective. We believe that if you find the same service for less, we'll make sure to either match it or give a better price.
Talent Acquisition Methodology
  • spec For us, understanding the requirement and drafting the spec is half the battle won. Every client is unique and every requirement is different. We take the time to understand the technicality of the requirement, the corporate culture around it, and the desired persona of the candidate.
  • Search Our recruiters are veterans. They have mastered the art of head hunting. They know where the IT professionals are, when they are available and how to reach them. We maintain a well architected repository of every profile that passes through our system and have accumilated millions of records over the years.
  • Screen Every identified candidate is screened based on the spec and our evaluation framework. A combination of technical, personality, identity, reference and background evaluations are done as required to identify good matches.
  • Select All the screened candidates are ranked based on the spec. Our ranking process is geared to find the best balance across the various attributes for which candidates are evaluated to ensure that only the best fits filter up and are selected.
  • Submit The top 2 or 3 selections are submitted to the customer. A detailed checklist that not only describes standard logistics, but also specifies why these candidates are deemed to be good fits is part of the submission.
  • Support We support customers with the logistics and coordination required to schedule interviews, meetings, orientations and on-boarding activities. We document all feedback to ensure that the next iteration with the same customer is tuned better.
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