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Verilogic Solutions is training parter of SASIC Technologies Pvt Ltd, which runs continuous training programmes, seminars, and design contests.
VERILOGIC team conducted several workshops on latest technologies. Programs which are conducted countrywide and online made thousands of engineering college staff and students to start their carrier in latest VLSI/FPGA/Embedded fields.
We offer training in universities and engineering colleges for undergraduate and graduate students. The company senior engineers will take part in such seminars and workshops. Through these events we want to encourage the students towards core technologies. Our theory sessions and hands on FPGA board sessions would give a better approach towards digital design for both VLSI and embedded systems.
VERILOGIC strongly believes in active learning methodologies for engineering students. We organize events for engineering students (B.tech, M.Tech and Ph.D research students). We also Organize events for faculty to enable them in adopting new technologies in their teaching and research activities.
  • Design and Verification of processor Core - Advanced ASIC design verification using System Verilog.
  • Developing a custom chip - FPGA based RTL Design and verification using Verilog HDL.
  • Shift Left - Advanced ASIC design Verification Using Verilog.
  • Hacking at the hardware level - ASIC Verification Using Universal Verification Methodology (UVM).
  • Robotics
  • Internet of things (IOT)
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